Made Fresh

Using quality ingredients, our chefs prepare all of our entrees,
side dishes, and desserts right in our kitchen.

Hot Off The Grill

Guests eat fresh, grilled-to-order meats that our on-site chefs
prepare from propane grills.

There’s Always Plenty

We calculate our portions at a minimum one and half entrees per guests.
You can be sure everyone leaves your picnic satisfied.

Always on Time

We promise to arrive as scheduled—ready to serve on time.

All Star Staff

By hiring, training, and managing our own staff of service professionals, we’re able
to provide added assurance of a well planned and flawlessly executed picnic.

Extended Service

Our experiences shows that 1 hour just isn’t enough time to serve a hungry crowd.
We bumped our standard food and beverage service to 2 hours
to allow for mingling and good time for all.

Green Heads

We’re conscious of all the waste a picnic can produce. As a result, we’ve transitioned virtually all of our guestware to compostable and biodegradable from a local supplier.* Additionally, our kitchen composts
all of our food scraps from prep daily and our offices recycle!

*We continue to use a standard disposable cup due to their resilience in the warm summer sun.